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Porsches are rare cars … Delavilla cars are unique.

“The Delavilla concept was not born by coincidence”

First, there was the Delavilla VRS #1. The culmination of a dream for a man involved in the high end car world at a very young age; the outcome of a long process from a true car guy.

From the youngest age, Michel Bendinelli was exposed to the world of the automobile through his father’s mechanic shop. He creates “La Villa Rose” in 2001 and becomes an independent used Porsche only dealer. His biggest aspiration is to own an exceptional car, a 911 of course, but a true “out-of-the-box” model. His idea grows into a crazy plan in creating a unique vehicle. He has always customised his own cars, and all of them share some Delavilla DNA. For months, he works in research, sketches, models, assembly and test to give birth to the very first Delavilla car, while juggling with technical specifications and the perfect aesthetic lines.

On May 25th, 2007, the Delavilla VRS #1 is unveiled to a selected few, then to the members of La Villa Rose. The specialised press is unanimous in praising the car and writes flattering articles.

This first Delavilla, dressed in its Boreal Orange, had to remain unique. However, other enthusiasts had the same dream as Michel Bendinelli. Michel then decides to share his adventure and a few months later, the VRS #2 is delivered to his new passionate owner.

The brand was born …

With the growing interest surrounding the project and more Delavilla cars delivered, the Delavilla company is created as a separate entity in June of 2011. A new era now begins. With a line of products that keeps on growing, the Delavilla brand can now attract new markets and shine internationally.

One thing is for sure, the Delavilla cars will always remain unique. All of them reflect the Delavilla team’s dedication to perfection, their creator’s passion along with the emotion only a Delavilla car can inspire.

About LesAutomobiles

LesAutomobiles (www.LesAutomobiles.co.uk) is proud to announce its exclusive agreement with Delavilla to become the sole UK importer, bringing the luxury French brand to the UK. Over the coming months the UK team will be establishing a network of distribution and attending events to showcase the amazing range of Delavilla accessories, light and full body kits. This includes some unique products like the vertical double exhaust tips that have become one of the Delavilla trademarks and the “Hardback” transforming a 911 cabriolet into a Speedster in less than a minute.

Operating in the UK LesAutomobiles was founded as a sales and marketing firm to take new quality automotive products to the market from abroad. International connections combined with passion and an intimate knowledge of the market has given LesAutomobiles a unique position in the UK. As an importer of the Delavilla brand, LesAutomobiles aims to develop its awareness and contribute to the success of DELAVILLA during its international expansion.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: please call us on 01438 832322 or email us at info@lesautomobiles.co.uk